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 Fri, October 22EVisit to Prime Minister's Office (1)  Fri, October 22EVisit to Prime Minister's Office (2)
 Fri, October 22EERehearsal in Japan
            (at the head office of Sapporo Holdings)
 Sat, October 23EEInaugural Meeting
               (at Narita International Airport)
 Sun, October 24EEThe Olympic Museum  Sun, October 24EELecture of environmental problems
 Sun, October 24EEnbsp;Eve Party ( MC )  Sun, October 24EEEve Party (paper drama)
 Sun, October 24EEEve Party (Performance: the horsehead
 Sun, October 24EEEve Party (Performance: Hula)
 Mon, October 25EVisit to Permanent Mission of Japan
 to the International Organizations in Geneva
 Mon, October 25EEWith H.E. Mr. Kitajima, Japanese
 Mon, October 25EECeremony (honorable guests EBR>  statements)  Mon, October 25EECeremony (student speeches)
 Mon, October 25EECommemorative ceremony to install
 pebbles in “The Blue Star of Life Evase
 Mon, October 25ECommemorative photography of
 the delegation
 Mon, October 25EEVisit to the Red Cross Museum  Tue, October 26EEMont Blanc seen from Chamonix
 Wed, October 27EELecture by Deputy Mayor of Paris  Wed, October 27EEVisit to UNESCO

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