Project to Mark the 65th Anniversary
of the Foundation of the United Nations

on October 25th 2010 (confirmed)

A Special Ceremony Featuring Statements by Students and Ambassadors in the World
“For Eternal World Peace and Environmental Conservation EBR>

Supporter list expected

Chairperson Yoshio Karita former Director General, Board of the Ceremonies, the Imperial Household Agency /former Ambassador to New York�E�E/TD>
Deputy Chairperson Shigeru Sumitani former Administrative Vice-minister, Ministry of the Environment / Chief Director, Social Welfare Organization Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation
Vice Chairperson Tatsushi Iwama former CEO, Sapporo Holdings Limited /NPO director etc.
Vice Chairperson Kouji Kunimatsu former Commissioner General, the National Police Agency / Chief Director, Emergency Medical Network of Helicopter and Hospital
Vice Chairperson Osamu Tsuno Lawyer
Vice Chairperson Hisayuki Miyake Political Commentator
Vice Chairperson Midori EZOE Vice President, Marina Crystal Mineral Research Institute /
President, Epic Japan Inc.
Vice Chairperson Kouji Gushiken Olympic Gold Medalist / Committee, Kanagawa Education Board
Vice Chairperson Hideaki Asashi Professor, Tokyo Graduate School /former Ambassador to East Timor /former Administration Manager, UN
Vice Chairperson Nobuyasu Abe Director, Center for the Promotion of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation /former Ambassador to Swizerland
Vice Chairperson Yoshiko Shioya The president of Nagasaki International University of Japan /
Former Kumamoto Prefectural governor
Vice Chairperson Masaomi Unagami Art critic who recommended famous Japanese postwar artists�E�EShiko Munakata, Yuichi Inoue, Kazuo Yagi)
Vice Chairperson Toshiaki Kitazato former Deputy General Manager, Fire and Disaster Management Agency /Lawer
Vice Chairperson Bin Wan Professor, the Center for International Japanese Studies Hosei University
Vice Chairperson Kiyoko Take Chairperson, Take Group
Vice Chairperson Mitsuru Yaku Cartoonist
Vice Chairperson Kiyomi Mikuni Hotel De Mikuni
Vice Chairperson Sayaka Kudo Director, Wakaba Medical Clinic
Vice Chairperson Takeo Nomura Professor Emeritus, Tsukuba University
Honorary Adviser Yasushi Kurokouchi former chairman of the 60th Anniversary project
Secretary General Masanori Hashimoto Director, NPO Regional Exchange Center
Secretariat Preparation Chief Noriko Fujiwara President, Business Farm
Deputy Secretary General Takako Kawashima Manager, Hitachi Institute of Management Development / in charge of U.N. communication
Deputy Secretary General Keiko Obayashi former Chief Editor, Blue Earth magazine  / in charge of overseas communication
Assistant Chairperson Sayuri Kitabayashi Shareco Design / in charge of planning and general affairs
Assistant Chairperson Shumei Matsuzaki Organizer of “The Blue Star of Life Eproject for the 65th Anniversary of the Foundation of U.N.  / in charge of negotiations and public relations
Deputy Assistant Chairperson Nobuhiko Hamada President, Shu & YU  / in charge of training and general affairs
Deputy Assistant Chairperson Akira Yomoda Licensed tax accountant  / in charge of accounting
Member Mitsumasu Iwasaki Principal, Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama High School
Member Yoshiharu Asaka General Manager, Kashima Kensetsu
Member Kiyomi Terada Professor, Tokyo Seitoku collegey
Member Jiun Akamatsu priest, author, translator, NPO manager
Member Keiko Sato Music Producer
Member Isao Matsuoka President, Sekai Chizu
Member Yasuhiko Shirakata Ceramicist,  “The Blue Star of Life E/TD>
Member Tazuko Namba Director, Publisher
Member Katsutoshi Ieyasu Member of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Member Hirotsugu Oya President, Tennyo Inc.
Member Tatsuko Arisawa former Principal of elementary school
Member Ken Hirabayashi former Principal, Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama High School
Member Ayuko Takamatsu Director, Dental Clinic
Member Seiji Wada Web Designer
Member Tokiko Endo Secretary General, Japan College for Foreign Language
Member Manabu Hara Journalist
Member Hitoshi Sumida President, COM Inc.
Member Someta Hayashiya Rakugo storyteller
Member Hiroshi Isshiki Concept Artist
Member Shunji Nishiwaki Medical doctor
Member Eisaku Tsujino Director, Hospital
Member Masami Kanda Storyteller
Member Mikako Nakajima Marketing Director, ACT4

※The above members are subject to change.

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