Project to Mark the 65th Anniversary
of the Foundation of the United Nations

on October 25th 2010 (confirmed)

A Special Ceremony Featuring Statements by Students and Ambassadors in the World
“For Eternal World Peace and Environmental Conservation EBR>

October, 2010

Rough Schedule
Organizing the Committee
・ Selecting chairperson
・ Working groups
Consultation with government officials and specialists
Seeking sponsors
Concrete Planning
・ Seeking endorsement from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,
   Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment
・ Recruiting students → two Japanese students and about six students among from East and South
                  East Asia, and U.S.
Selecting a travel agent
Cooperation with Global Coordinators
・ Selecting student representatives (speakers)
・ Supporting student representatives
・ Formal application
student representatives
・Officially requesting pebbles and a short statement from the President
Arranging Rehearsal
・Guidelines for speech          Pebbles and a statement through diplomatic channels
・Planning a sightseeing tour in Tokyo for students
Deciding Itinerary in Genev
・ Accommodation in Geneva            Including a statement in a student speech
・ Planning a study tour after the ceremony             Pebbles to Japan
Preparing for the Ceremony
・ Banners
・ Operation manual
・ Others
PR Activities
Press release
Rehearsal�E�Ehe day before departure, in Tokyo�E�E/B>
・ Rehearsing the speeches by all student representatives
・ Japanese culture tour in Tokyo
Ceremony Operation ( The ceremony is expected on October 22 or 25 –deciding )
・ Guide, MC
・ Recording
After the Ceremony
・ Report making → to be distributed to all the people involved

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