We, human beings, are nearing a crossroads in our history. As we have become increasingly interdependent, we hold great hopes for the future and at the same time fears of great crises. We are faced with horrendous problems of environment of the Earth as they “threaten the life of our posterity.”

 When we approach these problems, we notice that they are so overwhelming that we tend to wince in face of them. How do we overcome the feeling of helplessness? The important point of departure is to strengthen our love for the “children who inherit the Earth of future. It is in the conviction that “the truth to one man is the truth to all men” that we should reform and revolutionize our consciousness into that of forward-looking courage.

 In marching forward into our future, we should bear in mind that, while we should respect a diversity of cultures in the world, we are members of the family of mankind and of the global community. We are convinced that in that belief we will succeed in developing truly human culture based on strong sense of responsibility for mankind and shared loving care for each other.


 After the donation by the Japanese Government of the “Peace Bell” to the United Nations Headquarters—an act commemorating the admission of Japan into the U.N.—a local community and we have pooled our modest efforts until today to follow suit by donating a Porcelain Globe named “Inochi no Aoi Hoshi” (Blue Star of Life) to the European Headquarters of the United Nations to mark the 50th anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations Organization. This is the expression of our prayer for eternal peace of the world and conservation of environment.



 To bring this a step further, we put into practice our plan to enshrine into the Globe small pebbles assembled from all over the world by young people on whose shoulders rests the future of the world and who share our conviction. Why have we done this? It is because we like to inscribe our message for “an ever-lasting life” on the stone imitating the act of our most ancient of ancestors who etched messages for posterity on stones.

 Small pebbles, we believe, will convey the feelings and aspirations entertained by all races and peoples—it is quite understandable that man’s ancestors noticed something imperishable and sacred in stones and have bequeathed many shrines and monuments. The stone of the Wiseman and stone of the philosopher are embodiments of unshakable conviction and wisdom of people who valued stones representing firmness of virtues, stability and immobility.

 Therefore, we consider it as appropriate that, since stone in Japanese is ishi-phonetically the same as “will” in Japanese-, the stones should be the symbols of lasting consciousness of the world to awaken and to keep awake man’s will for peace and culture.

 Having collected pebbles and enshrined them in the Porcelain Globe, we wish to bring our actions to the nationwide height. For one thing, we propose to encourage volunteer activities of youth on the level of junior and senior high school grappling with the problems of the Earth. We are expectant of the contribution to the world of tomorrow by the young people whose unfettered and original thinking will bring about diverse results. What is important is to fertilize, enrich and put into practice new ideas. What comes out of it should be cited for reference and if it grows from a wider framework of youth activities into a dynamic pattern of movement, it will be the object of global citation.

 We set store by a philosopher’s words that we should judge whether a person’s action is right or not by the extent to which it serves the Earth and Mankind. It is our ardent hope that, even if it may be a small bit of action, if it becomes the first step of growing will (ishi), it certainly will escalate into a Foundation Stone synergizing volonte of all living things. We are filled with the feelings that the time is ripe for positive thinking and action. We humbly appeal hereby to each and every opinion leader in Japan and the world and sincerely hope that everybody will join us in our efforts to launch a multiple action program detailed in the attached prospectus.

 We, as “Citizens of the World,” are earnestly hoping for the world of human cohabitation and request all thinking people to join us and support our plan of action.

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