“The Blue Star of Life”
Project to Mark the 60th Anniversary
of the Founding of the United Nation
Yasushi Kurokochi
The Organizing Committee for The Blue Star of Life (TBSL)

  We have prayed for peace in the world since Japan presented the “Peace Bell” to the United Nations Headquarters in New York, as an act commemorating the admission of Japan into the U.N. However, we still have had wars such as the one in Iraq are threatened with the acts of international terrorism as in WTC attack and nuclear proliferation. We are also faced with horrendous environmental problems of the Earth, such as Global Warming. To resolve the present problems, we should remind all people in the world of the importance of the United Nations. Therefore, we propose we create a world network type project. We will gather pebbles from all member states of the United Nations and put them in the porcelain globe, “The Blue Star of Life,” which is placed in the European Headquarters of UN. That aims at promoting international peace and environmental harmony through mutual understanding and international friendship.
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“The Blue Star of Life”
Produced by Mr. Yasuhiko Shiragata.

 Following up the Peace Bell, which the Japanese Government presented to the UN Headquarters in New York, Tobe Art International Club (antecedent of our organization) in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, started to develop an international peace movement based on arts appreciation in conjunction with a Japanese local government, and as a result, they donated a porcelain globe, “The Blue Star of Life” to the European Headquarters of UN to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations in October 1995, and we, the present TBSL members, also participated in the ceremony of presenting the monument in Geneva.

 On the 55th anniversary of the Founding of UN in October 2000, we gathered 61 pebbles from the countries participating in Okinawa Summit and some member states of UN and put them in the globe, praying for peace in the world. The first and second ceremonies were held with the presence of the director general of UN Office at Geneva, Mr. Vladimir Petrovsky and the porcelain globe, “The Blue Star of Life,” is still placed in the lobby adjacent to the Council Meeting Room used until recently for the meeting of the Conference on Disarmament.

 In October 2003, we established the Organizing Committee for The Blue Star of Life (TBSL) in order to handle a project to gather small stones from 191 countries, all member states of the United Nations, and put them into the porcelain globe, marking the 60th anniversary of the Founding of UN. TBSL aims at establishing "the grass-roots Nobel Prize (tentative name)" as a supportive system for the youngsters who will practice activities for international exchange and peace.


 Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the U.N. foundation in 2005, the organizing committee of TBSL proposes to pursue the follow up activities in cooperation with various local autonomous bodies, NGO’s, youth organizations, enterprises, schools etc., which are engaged in various aspects of international exchange, in pursuit of true world peace based on "international understanding" and "protection of world environment"

1. TBSL proposes to collect small pebbles from 191 member countries of the United Nations through youth activities developed under the themes of “International Understanding,” “Protection of World Environment” and “the World Peace.”

In the process of collecting pebbles, TBSL proposes to appeal for the “World Peace” and “Environmental Preservation,” from person to person, from district to district and from country to country.

3. TBSL intends to compile and publish its activities report so that the people will share the thoughts and sentiments for peace and environment of the world and deepen their sense of being global citizens.

4. In autumn, 2005, TBSL will place pebbles collected from all participants together with the earnest desire for world peace and environmental protection, in the “Blue Star of Life,” the giant porcelain globe, send a delegation of participants to the European Headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva and participate in events of international exchange there.

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