Name of Organization:

The Blue Star of Life (TBSL)
Internatinal Sector of Regional Exchange Center, Non Profit Organization


The Organizing Committee for "The Blue Star of Life" ( 生命の碧い星 )
C/o Regional Exchange Center
2-13-6, Nishi-Shinbashi Minatoku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
Phone: (81)-3-3504-2387
Fax:   (81)-3-3504-2397


December 16, 2003

Aims and purposes:

The Blue Star of Life(TBSL) aims to broaden and consolidate the basis of NGO activities on their initiatives of promoting international peace and environmental harmony through mutual understanding and international friendship.
Specifically, in October 2003, we kicked off a project to gather small stones from all member states of the United Nations and put them into the pottery globe, which we donated to the European Headquarters of UN, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations Organization. Youngsters will gather the stones, researching different countries and contacting youngsters of foreign countries. Through the process of gathering stones, they will know, understand, and respect each other. As a result, this project will lead people to the movement for eternal peace and conservation of environment.

Executive Bodies:

Ambassador Yasushi Kurokochi (Rtd), Chairperson
Shumei Matsuzaki, Vice Chairperson
Katsuo Wajiki, Assistant Chairperson and Finance Director
Toshiaki Kitasato, Assistant Chairperson and Public Relations Director
Masanori Hashimoto, Secretary General
Takako Kawashima, Deputy Secretary General

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