Project to Mark the 70th Anniversary
of the Foundation of the United Nations

A Special Ceremony Featuring Statements by Students and Ambassadors in the World
“For Eternal World Peace and Environmental Conservation Ebr>

Outline of Upcoming Project

January, 2015
“The Blue Star of Life E(TBSL) Project to Mark the 70th Anniversary of the Foundation of the United Nations

(1) Date and Venue of the ceremony
Date: October 28, 2015 (expected)
Venue: at the European Headquarters of the United Nations

(2) Schedule of the Student Delegation
October 24 ~28, 2015 (Tokyo-Geneva/Paris-Tokyo)

(3) Nationalities of Student Representatives
Several Japanese participants are expected. One student from each country is to be selected from among Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, India, Brunei, Mongolia, the Philippines, Myanmar, or U.S.

(4) Student Qualifications
Student representatives to participate in the TBSL Ceremony are to be aged 15-24 and must have enough English proficiency to communicate with other members and to actively participate in a discussion, have a strong interest in world peace and the environment, and have a strong intention to be international leaders in future.

(5) Mission for the Students

●At the ceremony, each of the students will deliver a 2-minute speech on world peace and environmental protection in English and put the pebbles into “The Blue Star of Life Evase together with Ambassadors in Geneva.

●In the course of preparation, the students will send letters to the appropriate official organization or ministry, requesting them to arrange for suitable pebbles to be brought from their respective countries as well as for a short statement on world peace and environment protection from the heads of state to be given, if possible.

●All the students are required to get together in Tokyo and go through a rehearsal of speech and join a reception to know each other better, before they leave Japan for Geneva on the TBSL delegation tour the next day. They are also expected to pay a visit to the Japanese Prime Minister’s office during their stay in Tokyo.

●After the ceremony, a “Cultural Exchange Party Eis to be held. Ambassadors accredited to the International Organizations will be invited to it. A study tour to some international organizations(IOC /UN, IUCN, WHO, UNESCO)are also being planned.

●Each student needs to have a wrap-up meeting every night with his or her colleagues and write an essay about what has been learned, which will be compiled into a delegation report later.

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